Female Bodybuilder's 18 Month Transformation

What started as a bid to lose baby weight has become a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Eighteen months after first hitting the gym she is competing in bodybuilding competitions – and says she has "got the bug".

Emily said: "Towards the end of my pregnancy I saw some pictures of these really stunning, toned women and it turned out they'd used bodybuilding to achieve their look.

"I was really keen to give it a go so after I'd recovered from the birth of my daughter Ava I went and got the all clear from the doctor and started training. My husband Craig is a personal trainer and sorted all my meal plans and training in the beginning.

"I was quite nervous when I started going to the gym, now I'm a lot more confident. After about four or five months of training I began to blossom and people started to compliment me on my new figure."

Now, 18 months after she began training, Emily has made an incredible transformation. But the change hasn't been an easy one. Emily has rotating training days and a strict diet plan.

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